The Revival of Lumbardhi Cinema

Following the discontinuation of Social Enterprise “Kino Bistrica” at the turn of the millenium, Lumbardhi Cinema was neglected to deterioration. Before it was saved from privatisation and included in the cultural heritage list, the building was dilapidated; having suffered severe structural damage to its roof, basement and interior spaces. In response, Lumbardhi Foundation, in partnership with CHwB Kosova and with the support of Khora Office, rendered the former cinema usable through a series of small-scale and emergency interventions. This rehabilitation was done in parallel to an analysis and a participatory process that defined the functional needs, heritage values and the management model for the building. Lumbardhi’s restoration and adaptation is set to be concluded towards the 70th anniversary of its establishment in 2022.

Lumbardhi Public Again

Organised in correspondence to the “Lumbardhi Public Again” campaign, the primary function of initial activities was a trial of the space and its possibilities, future programming of the institution, and examining spatial needs in the city. During this time Lumbardhi organized and hosted various scales of public programs including film screenings and thematic film club gatherings, musical and theatrical performances, and exhibitions.

A brief history

Midway through an extensive research on the cinema’s history and its full revival, we are sharing parts of the story to give an idea about the life of Lumbardhi Cinema. Through these illustrations we have recreated some moments of its past.

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