Protocinema special screening

Lumbardhi Foundation organized a special screening of Protocinema’s “Permanent Spring, Delayed Bloom”, a video program curated by Aslı Seven, for the BA students of the Faculty of Art, Department of Conceptual Art, class on video installation led by Driton Selmani.

The one-hour program of selected single-channel videos that premiered in Istanbul in June, travelled to additional venues worldwide including screenings at Lumbardhi between October 23-26.

The video program showcases works by Sofia Gallisa Muriente, Ahmet Öğüt, Deniz Tortum & Kathryn Hamilton, Hera Büyüktaşçıyan, Emre Hüner and Minia Biabiany that reflect on environments built as "scapes" - landscape, cyberscape, mindscape, mobilizing multiple spatial and temporal scales.

The realization of this program has been supported by Raiffeisen Bank in Kosovo

Kosovafilm: A conversation with director Isa Qosja

"Proka" marks the poetics of the distinctive style of the prominent and internationally known director Isa Qosja.

Lumbardhi is honored to have hosted the screening after which the process of making the film, Qosja's cinematography as a whole and moments from his career were discussed during a conversation at Dokukino that took place after the screening of the film on October 31, at 18:00.

When the individual does not resemble others and sees things from their own perspective, does not insult or offend anyone, it is unavoidably confronted with the environment of gossip of those who are static and obey. He conflicts with those in power that want to discipline and show authoritarianism. Proka is an unfortunate character, one who does not harm anyone, minds his business, loves sincerely, takes care of relatives but ends tragically.

The film is known for the panoramic latitudes of unusual environments and its well-sculpted characters.

Every evening between October 27 and 31, starting at 18:00, some of the cult films produced by Kosovafilm were presented by Lumbardhi Foundation at Dokukino.

Kosovafilm: Fragments screened 5 films from those discordant years.

The realization of the program was made possible by Raiffeisen Bank, Swiss Development Cooperation, Municipality of Prizren and KTV.

Can Laughter Break Bricks?

“Can Laughter Break Bricks?” brings a selection of films where cinema and laughter, subversion and the carnival, collective will and humour meet. All of the films selected from the early decades of the cinema and from the two geographical poles, present laughter as a radical act and a starting point for critical thinking.

This film program was made possible with the support of Raiffeisen Bank in Kosovo, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and KOHA group.

Habibi Collective: “Women’s Stories from SWANA”

Lumbardhi is pleased to host the intriguing film program by Habibi Collective: “Women's Stories from SWANA".

Habibi Collective’s founder Róisín Tapponi presents four documentaries that depict the lives and stories of resilient and witty women from South-West Asia and North Africa. From a grandmother fed up with men to a group of socialist women fighting for their rights, this group of women show the diversity of feminist narratives and the humane power of documentary filmmaking.

Detailed descriptions of the documentaries to be screened in the upcoming two weeks will follow! Stay tuned!

This program was developed in partnership with Habibi Collective, with the support of Raiffeisen Bank in Kosovo and Koha Group.

4 For 20! Warming up for Dokufest

4 For 20! Warming up for Dokufest

As August is getting closer, the approaching energy of one of the most exceptional festivals in the region can be felt! This year, Dokufest will be celebrating its 20th edition! While the festival preparations are being finalised, the artistic director of the festival, Veton Nurkollari has picked 4 ingenious and incredibly delicious films to be screened for a warm-up program hosted by Lumbardhi.

Sundays in Kino

Within the scope of the program KINO, 'Sundays in Kino’ will bring to the big screen some of the most intriguing and landmark films from the history of cinema. Come and enjoy the screenings beneath the open sky, every Sunday at 20:30, between June 6th-July 4th at Kino Bahçe!

“Sundays in Kino” is supported by the French Embassy, Institute Francais and the “Cultural Spaces of Kosovo" project, financed by the European Union.

Empty Bottles From a Far Away Country: Chris Marker Retrospective

Empty Bottles From a Far Away Country: Chris Marker Retrospective, marks the 100th birthday anniversary of the great film director who shaped the cinema and art of the century. Since the beginning of his practice, Chris Marker, was very sensitive and drawn to the worldwide political struggles and how these changes could be grasped in the form of film. The result of his life-long combative and artistic pursuit led him to deal with the memories of anti-colonial struggles taking place far away but still very close to his country. His films, which are included in this retrospective, geographically expand from Siberia to Bosnia, from Japan to Kosovo, creating a global and historical constellation of those struggles. “Who remembers all that?”, he asks in one of his essay-films referring to the continues as bottles: “history throws its empty bottles out the window.” This retrospective tries to collect and bring some of those bottles, to show the world from forgotten angles.

Films will be screened with albanian and english subtitles. Free entrance.

‘Empty Bottles From a Far Away Country: Chris Marker Retrospective’ is supported by the French Embassy and “Cultural Spaces of Kosovo" project, financed by the European Union.