The digitalization of Nafis Lokvica’s audio-visual collection begins!

For almost 50 years, Nafis Lokvica has taken his cameras to persistently document local rituals, cultural life, the decaying heritage, key historic moments and scenes from everyday-life in Prizren, while he kept collecting photographs and other archival materials from various sources. His collection includes thousands of photographs, negatives, film-strips, VHS cassettes and CD’s, which he has shared with Lumbardhi Foundation.

In the upcoming months, this collection will be digitised and cataloged under the guidance of Bengi Muzbeg and the help of Fjolla Rabi from the archiving team who will closely collaborate with Mr. Lokvica, in the framework of the project “Public Archive”. During this collaboration, parts of the collection will be made accessible to the public in the form of texts, albums, interviews and presentations, as the base of the future public digital archive.

“Public Archive'' was initiated as a project with the support of the International Relief Fund of the German Federal Foreign Office, the Goethe-Institut, and other partners.

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A donation of 2,500 books by Shkëlzen Maliqi

Lumbardhi Foundation extends its book collection with a donation of over 2,500 by Shkëlzen Maliqi!

Art critic, philosopher, political analyst and one of the key contributors to the development of the independent arts and culture scene in the last 30 years in Kosovo, Mr. Shkëlzen Maliqi, has honored Lumbardhi Foundation by entrusting over 2,500 books from his private library, collected over half a century, marking the first donation of this scale to Lumbadhi’s library.

This collection includes a wide array of publications in various languages that reflect the broad intellectual and professional curiosity of Maliqi, ranging from the history of art and byzantynology, to social sciences, political studies, literature and various books about Kosovo and the wider region. The cataloging and organising of the library, as well as the personal archive of Mr. Maliqi will be done as part of the “Public Archive'' project. The project supports the initiation of a library, forming of an archive and a digital collection of photographs and documents in fields that correspond with Lumbardhi’s research focus, to be opened to the public in a few phases during 2022.

“Public Archive” will also support the interaction of Lumbardhi’s researchers with cultural and scientific communities and dedicated citizens of all generations, to create a common fund out of materials currently available in the private domain. This common knowledge will be in the disposal of researchers and the curious in digital spaces and the physical ones used by Lumbardhi Foundation and its partners, in forms of primary resource as well as programs, conversations and publications that stem from the research.

All those willing to share materials, private archives or books, may reach Lumbardhi Foundation’s team at

We extend our gratitude to our partners Presje for accommodating the collection.

“Public Archive '' was initiated as a project with the support of the International Relief Fund of the German Federal Foreign Office, the Goethe-Institut, and other partners.

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‘Who are Ferit and Nakiye Bayram?’ – an exhibition

The exhibition titled ‘Who are Ferit and Naikye Bayram?’ prepared by Sezgin Boynik and Tevfik Rada, within the scope of the third edition of Autostrada Biennale (1 07. -11.09. 2021) that took place at the Shani Efendi House is based on the research ‘Nation Formation’.

To learn more about the research and the topics of the exhibition, visit Lumbardhi's BLLOGU for articles published under the category Nation Formation.

Nation Formation was commissioned by Lumbardhi Foundation and its first phase was realized with the support of Forum ZFD Prishtina office.

Kinofiguration: An open archive

Lumbardhi Foundation is pleased to present Kinofigurimi: An Open Archive, an exhibition on Lumbardhi Cinema’s history and its relation with modernity in Prizren, based on the archival study conducted by Tevfik Rada and Bengi Muzbeg.

Kinofigurimi: An open archive is an exhibition that contains images, objects, documents and articles embedded in the building, from the offices to the hall, from the loggias to the projection room. The exhibited pieces and “remnants” of the archive do not create a whole story and they are not based on chronological order, but are incomplete and open to many interpretations. Rather, they constitute a cinematic and non-linear composition which highlights in fragments aspects of this complex history.

Kinofigurimi: An open archive will open on August 9, from 18:00 at Kino Lumbardhi and it remains open until September 27, 2021. It will be followed by events, a publication and conversations related to the research and the multilayered history of Lumbardhi Cinema.

Kinofiguration was developed in partnership with the ForumZFD office in Prishtina, and supported by the the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, Foundation for Arts Initiatives, Raiffeisen Bank in Kosovo and the Kosovo Privatisation Agency.