Beneath the Open Sky

Lumbardhi presents ‘Beneath the Open Sky’, a diverse program with public events that will take place in the outdoor cinema from June 1st to September 19th, in accordance with the pandemic measures.

“Beneath the Open Sky” brings to the big screen of Kino Bahçe the program “KINO”, which consists of six film programs, including a retrospective of Chris Marker, a selection by the Habibi collective and special performances every Wednesday and Sunday.

In parallel, the music program “Variations on Listening” returns with two new formats of live performances, “Pandemic Albums” and “Sonic Dusk” as well as with the revival of “Tones in Motion” and “Sës-Mës”, which were introduced in 2020.

The upcoming season also marks the opening of two exhibitions and the launching of publications realized within the research projects Kinofigurimi and Nation Formation, as well as the presentation of the works of artists engaged in the collaborative program QARK. The program also interacts with festivals and events taking place at that time in Prizren, while strengthening collaborations with local and international partners such as DokuFest, Autostrada Biennale, Kosovo Philharmonic, Protocinema, Multimedia Center and DAM Fest, to name a few.

This year, the program adds a new educational component that aims to interpret existing programs for new audiences by creating participatory and attractive formats to engage the youth.

‘Beneath the Open Sky’ begins on June 1, with a carefully threaded selection of films, music, workshops, performances, concerts, publications and talks, aimed at reviving the cultural and social life suspended by the pandemic.