Lumbardhi is home to various long term and short term programs within a conceptual framework that feeds its institutional research scope. Initiated by its internal team, oftentimes including external collaborations, Lumbardhi’s programs aim to expand Lumbardhi Cinema’s initial function as a space for screening films into one that generates and hosts other forms of art and cultural events and that broadens the understanding of social interactions and engagement. 
Lumbardhi’s programs stem from its tradition as a public cinema and an open-air music venue, characteristics which are preserved through its programmatic placement of the film and music programs at the core. The program extends to lectures, talks, artistic presentations, performances, local gastronomy related programs and events, exhibitions as well as disciplinary programs related to research and learning.
Extending to the digital sphere, programs are elaborated in depth at Lumbardhi’s blog – BLLOGU and the upcoming digital program.