Sonic Dusk: Elsa Rraqi & Ilir Bajri

We are pleased to announce that this Saturday, on June 5th, ‘Sonic Dusk’ starts with the singer-songwriter, Elsa Rraqi and the pianist, Ilir Bajri. The performance titled ‘Light’, symbolizing the way out of the collective darkness of the pandemic, includes interpretations of the original songs from Elsa’s warm voice and the distinct approach of Ilir’s harmonies and improvisations.

At the end of the performance, we will be accompanied by a musical playlist of songs selected by Elsa and Ilir, creating the opportunity to get to know each other, discuss impressions from the perspective of listeners and musicians, in order to create a pleasant collective experience.

Sonic Dusk, as a new branch of ‘Variations on Listening’, aims to rebuild the relationship between the audience and musicians, which was estranged last year, as a result of the pandemic. Every Saturday starting at 19:30, you can enjoy the sunset at Kino Bahçe through active listening to musical sounds, which are sometimes combined with the rhythm of the sound landscape of Prizren.