Kinofiguration: An open archive

Lumbardhi Foundation is pleased to present Kinofigurimi: An Open Archive, an exhibition on Lumbardhi Cinema’s history and its relation with modernity in Prizren, based on the archival study conducted by Tevfik Rada and Bengi Muzbeg.

Kinofigurimi: An open archive is an exhibition that contains images, objects, documents and articles embedded in the building, from the offices to the hall, from the loggias to the projection room. The exhibited pieces and “remnants” of the archive do not create a whole story and they are not based on chronological order, but are incomplete and open to many interpretations. Rather, they constitute a cinematic and non-linear composition which highlights in fragments aspects of this complex history.

Kinofigurimi: An open archive will open on August 9, from 18:00 at Kino Lumbardhi and it remains open until September 27, 2021. It will be followed by events, a publication and conversations related to the research and the multilayered history of Lumbardhi Cinema.

Kinofiguration was developed in partnership with the ForumZFD office in Prishtina, and supported by the the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, Foundation for Arts Initiatives, Raiffeisen Bank in Kosovo and the Kosovo Privatisation Agency.