Kosovafilm: A conversation with director Isa Qosja

“Proka” marks the poetics of the distinctive style of the prominent and internationally known director Isa Qosja.

Lumbardhi is honored to have hosted the screening after which the process of making the film, Qosja’s cinematography as a whole and moments from his career were discussed during a conversation at Dokukino that took place after the screening of the film on October 31, at 18:00.

When the individual does not resemble others and sees things from their own perspective, does not insult or offend anyone, it is unavoidably confronted with the environment of gossip of those who are static and obey. He conflicts with those in power that want to discipline and show authoritarianism. Proka is an unfortunate character, one who does not harm anyone, minds his business, loves sincerely, takes care of relatives but ends tragically.

The film is known for the panoramic latitudes of unusual environments and its well-sculpted characters.

Every evening between October 27 and 31, starting at 18:00, some of the cult films produced by Kosovafilm were presented by Lumbardhi Foundation at Dokukino.

Kosovafilm: Fragments screened 5 films from those discordant years.

The realization of the program was made possible by Raiffeisen Bank, Swiss Development Cooperation, Municipality of Prizren and KTV.