Lumbardhi and KPA continue their partnership in 2022

Lumbardhi Foundation has the pleasure to confirm the continuation of the partnership with the Kosovo Privatisation Agency for the use of Lumbardhi Cinema during 2022.

Established after the civic Initiative for the Protection of Lumbardhi Cinema and the registering of the cinema as a heritage site under temporary protection, this partnership has paved the way for the improvement of the cinema’s infrastructure and the preservation of its heritage values. Its usage by over 160 institutions and informal groups which hosted over 100,000 visitors and users, proved the need for its public ownership and its complete revitalisation, to offer a sustainable and long-term future for this institution that was one of the main centers of the social life of Prizren for 70 years.

Lumbardhi Foundation expresses its gratitude to the management of KPA and its responsible officials in Prizren for their understanding and cooperation through these eight years of commitment to fully revive the cinema. In this occasion, we would like to call upon the Municipality of Prizren, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, Ministry of Administration of Local Government, as well as the Office of the Prime Minister to conclude the property transfer and cooperate with stakeholders from the civil society to bring a celebratory ending to this long overdue process.