Lumbardhi launches Phase II

In early December 2021, Lumbardhi Foundation launched its ‘Phase II’ of institutional development, revealing to the public and the media during a press conference a summary of the first phase and the plans for the second phase.

For 7 years, the established organization, following the Initiative for the Protection of Kino Lumbardhi, has been committed to the revival of Kino Lumbardhi through restorative interventions, dialogue with stakeholders, diverse programs and advocacy for the transfer of the cinema to public ownership, in order to complete its full restoration as a multi-functional space, by preserving the heritage qualities of this site and making it open to all.

Throughout this period, Lumbardhi Foundation, together with over 150 organizations, institutions and informal groups have presented close to 1.000 events to more than 100.000 attendees and active users. In his speech during the conference, the executive director Ares Shporta, said that “after a long phase focused on the revival and the visioning of the cinema and the organization, we actively wait for the cooperation of MCYS and Municipality of Prizren to implement this jointly built vision. In the new phase, Lumbardhi Foundation will expand its programs and capacities beyond Lumbardhi Cinema, to collaborate with other spaces in the city, region and digital sphere, while it focuses on supporting research, knowledge production and various collaborative and long-term initiatives.” He added that “During 2022 we will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the opening of the cinema with various commissions, discussions, publications and various events, to interpret various elements of a complex history. We aim to celebrate the work done until now and to call institutions to collaborate, so we can give a positive conclusion to this long journey and begin the full restoration of the cinema.”

In continuation, together with the director of finance and administration of the Lumbardhi Foundation, Mrs. Fitore Rexhepi, they communicated about the institutional development process of Lumbardhi Foundation and forthcoming changes, emphasizing a number of policies, documents and reforms related to decision-making and governance practices, financing, staff development and overall transparency of the Lumbardhi Foundation, as well as the usage and the long-term management of Lumbardhi Cinema.

To mark the transfer to Phase II, Lumbardhi will launch its new website, which presents the new visual identity of the Foundation and the archive of research and programs, alongside the digital campaign #LumbardhiinTransit which will break down this process and the vision through various tools.