The Tapi Project & Lumbardhi Experimental Ensemble

AIKYA: The Tapi Project & Lumbardhi Experimental Ensemble
Saturday, September 3 – 21:00
Kino Bahçe
Entrance: 2 euro

Lumbardhi is pleased to welcome the Indian band The Tapi Project in collaboration with Lumbardhi Experimental Ensemble, on Saturday, September 3, where doors will open at 21:00 and the performance starts at 22:00 at Kino Bahçe!

Tapi Project’s music and poetry have arrived through cultures and subcultures of modern India and the experiences of the modern and the ever changing world. Their live performances are a melting pot of the modern with the ancient and firmly rooted in the ever changing reality of the present.

Tapi’s music is woven like a fabric, organically grown on Yogi’s poetries. Through Swati’s powerful and sensuous voice, the lyrics come alive, swallowing us in an ocean of emotions, singing stories about rivers, the cramped up life, lost values, and in essence, the universal search for the self.

Accompanied by the Lumbardhi Experimental Ensemble, led by Ilir Bajri and joined by Adorel Haxhiaj, Arian Randobrava and Pleurat Doki, Tapi returns to Prizren in attempt to bring diverse cultural, musical and dichotomic influences of life, from India and the world intertwined by musical responses from Kosova.

This sonic conversation will create a performance titled AIKYA, which means oneness.

The performance will be preceded by an Indian-Kosovar culinary experience and music that, starting from 20:00, will set the mood for this special journey.

This night is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports as part of LXX.