Michelle Gurevich performed at Lumbardhi

Lumbardhi is pleased to have presented Michelle Gurevich in her debut concert in Kosova on June 24, 2022 at Kino Bahçe!

Michelle Gurevich is a Canadian singer-songwriter, also known by her former stage name Chinawoman. Her music is influenced by her Russian heritage and has been described as slowcore rock and “lo-fi pop”. The daughter of a Kirov ballerina and an engineer from Leningrad, Michelle grew up listening to her parents’ collection of Soviet and 70’s European records.
Maneuvering between grandiose retro motifs and a surprising sincerity, Michelle Gurevich’s songs are tragicomic, melody-driven, sentimental and suspended in shadowy glamor. She combines humor with dark realism in smoky and intimate ballads delivered with cutting and fatalistic lyrics.

With shows regularly selling out in cities like Istanbul, Berlin, Warsaw and Athens, Michelle has established a niche that includes the East European diaspora, the Berlin queer scene, and those with a taste for the melodramatic balladry of Charles Aznavour, Zeki Müren and Nikolai Slichenko. While her concerts include more live aspects and a line-up of musicians, she continues to produce music in her bedroom, maintaining an intimacy and singleness of expression – from her bedroom to yours. A genre based partly on elements of melody and style, but moreso, a signature fatalist-celebratory approach to songwriting.

Michelle Gurevich has produced six studio albums and has recently released her newest single “Goodbye My Dictator”, building strong references to her heritage and the current political situation in Ukraine.

Michelle Gurevich’s concert at Lumbardhi is supported by Raiffeisen Bank in Kosovo.