Robert Bisha composes “Monade” for the 70th anniversary of Kino Lumbardhi

Lumbardhi Foundation and the Kosovo Philharmonic have the pleasure to announce the premiere of “Monade” composed by the pianist and multi-instrumentalist Robert Bisha, which will take place on September 17 at Lumbardhi Cinema in Prizren.

Following the solo piano performance “Home Neverland” in 2020, Bisha returned to Prizren this spring for an artistic residency where he began the process of research and composition, becoming familiar with the history of Kino Lumbardhi and the changing circumstances throughout its 70 years, through studies and meetings with members of the artistic community.

Starting from this research, he composed “Monade”, a suite for pianoforte, orchestra, choir, cinematographic electronics, where the cinema is considered as an instrument included in the orchestra, vocal soloists and modernized folk instruments that explore key themes that belong to the city of Prizren.

For the premiere of “Monade” on September 17, Robert Bisha will be accompanied by members of the orchestra and choir of the Kosovo Philharmonic, on the occasion of the opening of their concert season.

More detailed details about the work and the event will be revealed in the coming days.