Skaj Sessions w/ Heavenphetamine and Kolektiv Radio

Skaj Sessions continue with Heavenphetamine and Kolektiv Radio on the evening of June 29, from 20:30.

From the music selection that comes from the collective in Prizren to the combination of electronic music with punk rhythms, this Skaj Session awaits you all. 

Get to know Heavenphetamine:

With an easily recognizable style, the duo of Sara (drums/vocals) and Hiroki Oda (keyboards/vocals) synchronize on synthetic frequencies dynamically mixing electronic compositions and punk rhythms, all without the use of a metronome.

Their music carries influences from western indie music as well as Japanese melodies, rhythms and verses, and this creates an exotic musical picture.

Participating in many stages, such as the five-month tour in Ukraine in 2022 or the 2023 tour in Estonia, France and Ukraine, they come for the first time to Prizren, Kosovo.

Get to know Kolektiv Radio

Kolektiv Radio is a non-commercial community radio station based in Prizren, promoting underground music from the region and all around the world. Besides its online platform, Kolektiv Radio runs its own space, open for music organizations, jam sessions, listening sessions as well as other related activities. One of the main purposes of Kolektiv Radio is to establish a community through experimenting with the new forms of musical practice, while also empowering the youth with the tools and knowledges necessary for digital radio and music production.