Skaj Sessions with Jay-Jay Johanson and Gillespie

Skaj Session continues at Kino Lumbardhi with the aim of exploring through music, not only the limits and what we can accept and tolerate, but also as a movement between different cultures that share the same stage separated from the geographical or identity limits between them. cultural similes.
At Kino Lumbardhi on June 16, the well-known musician Jay Jay Johanson and the Kosovar group Gillespie, and both performances promise to navigate the emotional edges that are protected in the field of personal and collective experiences, parties until late at night, the need to stand out in a band that dances, the desire to fully enjoy yourself being an inherent part of the country and the place you live.
More about artist Jay Jay Johanson:
Jay Jay Johanson is a Swedish musician who fuses the restrained and downbeat aesthetic of trip-hop with the metallic pulse of electro-pop that brings his all-music signature of brooding sounds under the rhythms of a melancholy . electric.
He was born in Trollhattan, Sweden, where he started his musical career with the album “Whisky” in 1996 and then the album “Tattoo” in 1998.
His third album in 2000 titled “Poison” featured Cocteau Twins guitarist Robin Guthrie and was successful in the French music charts. Among many other albums, other tours and successful successes in film, music and fashion, Jay Jay Johanson released his fourteenth album entitled “FETISH”, and in June he comes to his first concert in Kosovo.
More about the Gillespie group:
Gillespie is a popular underground band in Kosovo, formed in 2005. They are known for their live performances weaving their sound with a loud psychedelic mix. Their first album “An ordinary day” has 10 songs, before the others “E” and “Luledlli” stand out, which also recognized the music of Albanian music in the list of songs as well as in various festivals.
The band has also released the Femme Fatale EP, which it found in Albania and Kosovo.
Their work in music finds a combination of urban phenomena as well as sensitivities in time laid out in songs that experiment under the current of rock’n’roll and indie rock. Their 2010 Countdown album and 2017’s Somewhere, Somewhere of their lives, synthesizing observations of metropolitan life and personal experiences of collective alienation.
Gillespie plays Kosovo, Albania and extensively in the Balkans.