Pandemic Albums: SYTË – Divine Computer

Pandemic Albums #1: SYTË: Divine Computer

Lumbardhi enthusiastically presents the first performance of the Pandemic Albums series as a new sub-branch of ‘Variations on Listening’!

The band from Prishtina SYTË will electrify the Saturday evening of June 26, starting at 20:30 with their sounds waving between R&B and indie-pop.

This performance sheds light on their latest album ‘Divine Computer’, which launched during the beginning of the pandemic. The success of the album has attracted the attention of several international media.

SYTË are vocalist Nita Kaja, synth player Drin Tashi, drummer Granit Havolli and bassist Fatlind Ferati.

Tickets for the concert can be found at Lumbardhi for the price of 3 euros.

This concert is supported by the Municipality of Prizren and KTV