The publication of the “Cultural Spaces of Kosova” by Rudina Hasimja

Cultural Spaces of Kosova project, part of which is Lumbardhi, brings the publication of the research “Cultural Spaces of Kosova” by Rudina Hasimja. The publication aims to summarize and link conversations on culture, art and public spaces by proposing a framework for a deeper analysis of the barriers faced by cultural spaces. The publication also emphasizes the need to raise awareness of the battles of independent cultural organizations in order to open up conversations on different models of governance that allow for greater public participation and accountability.

The research can be downloaded here:

This research was made possible with the financial support of the European Union, within the framework of the project “Civic Public Partnership for Innovative Governance of Public Infrastructure” implemented by Anibar, Lumbardhi, 7 Arte, and Pogon.