Kino – Vladimir Miladinović

Between 19th of July – 11th of August, 2019, Vladimir Miladinović, an artist based in Belgrade mainly dealing with archival materials and creating a “counter public sphere” to the official narrative of post-Yugoslav conflicts had an exhibition at Lumbardhi’s hall called “Kino”, with the archival materials found at Lumbardhi Cinema.

Reviewing the history of the cinema, the artist unveiled the aspects found in the cinema that speak about the history of Yugoslavia and how its process of dissolution went through years. His focus was on the background of the cultural politics and relations between states within Yugoslavia through a journey in the past. Within what Vladimir named as ‘a very rich visual content of the archive’, among many bureaucratic documents, he particularly was interested in the movie posters from the ‘70s, ‘80s and 1990s, which were juxtaposed with the lists of sold tickets in the ‘60s.

The exhibition also traveled to Belgrade and was shown in the hall of Dom Sindicata, an old Union House. The two exhibitions aimed to show the multilayered and rich history of cinematography in Yugoslavia.