Kinofiguration: An Open Archive

Kinofigurimi: An Open Archive is an embedded display of the year long research on Lumbardhi Cinema’s history and its relation with modernity in Prizren, based on the archival study conducted by Tevfik Rada and Bengi Muzbeg within Kinofiguration.

While reviewing the archives of Lumbardhi Cinema, Kinofiguration encountered documents that reveal how Kino Lumbardhi was disputed and its existence questioned at many points throughout its existence. 

The display was made available to the audience starting on August 7th, 2021.

Stretched from the offices to the hall, from the loggias to the projection room, the exhibition that marks the culmination of the first phase of this project remained open until 27 September, 2021.

The underlying notion of this ongoing research project consists of the fact that as cultural objects, buildings entail in them social relations far beyond mere empirical interactions. As such, to begin to comprehend their significance in how these practices are reproduced and still shape the current moment, the project will be continued with further archival inquiries that relate a critical approach across the region.